Thank you, Ridgewood Montessori!

Many thanks to Helen Ross and the faculty of Ridgewood Montessori School in Paramus, New Jersey for hosting me on Monday, January 16th.  Dr. Montessori’s Five Great Lessons was our topic and the discussion could not have been richer and more informative.  I was so impressed by the interest and energy of this wonderful group of colleagues.ridgewood-montessori-school-barrel-vaulted-ceiling-mural-44379


Lecture in Savannah


Wonderful to have the opportunity to speak to parents at the Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, the largest provider of Montessori education in Savannah, a public K-8 magnet school serving 560 students.  Looking forward to continuing teacher education with these dedicated teachers this summer!


Welcome to the website that I created in support of my book, “Follow the Child – The Basics, the Misconceptions, and Underlying Lessons of a Montessori Education”.  I would love to hear from you!  Specifically, in the vast wash of Montessori sites, blogs, and podcasts, what’s missing?  What’s needed?